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Are Corgis Good With Bunnies? (All You Need to Know!)

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Generally, dogs have a natural instinct to hunt smaller animals. There are even dog breeds specifically bred to hunt rabbits. So, if you intend to keep a rabbit and a corgi, it is pretty rational to ask yourself if corgis are good with bunnies.

Are corgis good with bunnies?

Corgis are not good with bunnies; there is always a chance that they will attack a rabbit.

Corgis have a medium to high prey drive that stems, in part, from their herding ancestry. So, it is not surprising that they will go after bunnies when they can. While corgis may not necessarily kill rabbits, they may stress them physically and psychologically.

In this article, we discuss the relationship between corgis and bunnies. We also talk about how bunnies and dogs generally relate.

bunny rabbit

Are Corgis Good With Bunnies?

Corgis are not good with bunnies. The relationship between these animals is naturally a predator-prey relationship. Even if your corgi does not kill a bunny, it could stress it out. Remember, bunnies are delicate animals, so they are very prone to physical and psychological stress.

If you ever happen to have bunnies and corgis in the same space, avoid leaving them alone together. If you leave them alone, your rabbit may not fare so well before you return.

Generally, corgis do not pair well with smaller animals. So, besides rabbits, you also should not keep them with birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, and similar animals.

If you need companion pets for your corgi, you could consider getting another small dog or cat. Whichever you decide on, ensure the animals are well socialized. This way, they will not be at each other’s throats in your absence.

Do Corgis Hunt Rabbits?

Corgis do hunt rabbits. But in many cases, socialized corgis do not hunt bunnies to kill them. They just chase them around like toys; corgis primarily pursue bunnies for entertainment.

While the hunt might be entertainment for the corgi, it is anything but fun for the rabbit. Rabbits are delicate animals, and the hounding from a corgi can traumatize them. In the end, their overall well-being will suffer.

Rabbits generally require a safe environment to live in without any threats.

Having your rabbit share the same space with a corgi is not ideal. The rabbit will always be in constant fear of the corgi’s presence.

Animals Corgis Get Along With

If you socialize your corgi early enough, it will get along with any other dog breed you bring home. Corgis can also get along with cats, but this will require time and proper training.

As herding dogs, corgis naturally get along with livestock like cattle and sheep, as well as horses. Corgis can get along with any animal if you let them socialize and become familiar with the other animal.

cat and corgi on sofa under a blanket

If your corgi is not socialized properly, it will become aggressive toward a stranger animal. It will always be on the defensive and may even attack.

Do Bunnies and Dogs Get Along?

Most times, dogs and bunnies do not get along, but in some cases, they can. A calm dog, for instance, will get along with a rabbit, especially if that dog has experience living with smaller animals.

Introducing a rabbit to a puppy is the best way to get these animals to get along. As the dog grows up, it will understand that the rabbit is part of the home. Before bringing a dog into your home, you have to consider the rabbit’s feelings towards the dog.

Rabbits are naturally prey animals, so they will be frightened around dogs. A bunny can even go into shock or have a heart attack from being near a barking dog. So, when introducing a dog to your bunny for the first time, do not let it get too close.

If you intend to pair a dog with a bunny, ensure you get a well-behaved dog and a confident bunny.

What Dog Breeds Get Along With Rabbits?

Here is a list of dog breeds that get along with rabbits:

Australian Shepherd

australian shepherd on the beach shore

Although the name might be misleading, the Australian Shepherd is a dog breed developed as a herding dog in the United States. They are loyal, affectionate, easy to train, and intelligent.

Australian Shepherds get along with other pets, including rabbits. However, they require regular exercise to prevent them from becoming mischievous.


Despite their rough exterior and intimidating appearance, Boxers are loyal, affectionate, and gentle dog breeds. They get along with other pets, including rabbits.

The attitude of a Boxer to other pets depends on its upbringing. Boxers trained to be vicious dogs may require extra training to get along with other pets. That aside, they will also need regular exercise to avoid mischief.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers were originally bred as fighting dogs. Today, these dogs are gentle, and they are even popular companion animals.

Boston Terriers are affectionate dogs. With the proper training, they will get along with other pets, including rabbits. However, these dogs are energetic and require regular exercise to ensure they do not misbehave.


english bulldog on the road

Bulldogs generally have a large and intimidating exterior, but they rarely show aggression towards other animals.

They are kind and courageous animals with a low prey drive. With the proper training, Bulldogs will get along fine with rabbits.

Basset Hound

Hounds are generally known as hunting dogs with powerful noses that help sniff out prey. However, the Basset Hound is a gentle and mild-tempered dog breed.

Basset Hounds have a low prey drive and will hardly chase after other pets like rabbits. Provided they are socialized early, Basset Hounds will not frighten a rabbit and will give it enough space to stay comfortable.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dogs were once bred to be watchdogs and herd cattle in Switzerland. Although the size of this dog may seem intimidating to rabbits, they are actually gentle giants.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are friendly, and they get along with other pets, including rabbits.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

king charles spaniel in the autumn

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a high-energy dog breed that is patient and affectionate. This dog breed has an innate desire to please its owner, which makes training easy.

Their friendly nature, coupled with proper socialization and good training, makes them ideal companions for rabbits.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are popular dogs that were bred and used as gundogs. These days, they are loving, even-tempered, and gentle dogs that get along with other pets.

Golden Retrievers have a low prey drive and are pretty easy to train. With the proper training, your Golden Retriever can become the ideal companion for your rabbit.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are similar to Golden Retrievers; they also get along with other pets. They are intelligent, patient, loyal, and have a low prey drive.

Labrador Retrievers will get along with rabbits, and you can train them to be calm around rabbits. A Labrador Retriever will become sad and restless if left alone, so having the company of a rabbit can benefit them.


maltese running on the beach

Maltese are gentle small dogs. It is the ideal pet choice for apartments or small-sized homes. It is graceful, adaptable, and gets along with other pets, including rabbits.

Maltese can become possessive of their owners. But with early socialization, they will get used to sharing their home with a rabbit.

Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin is a dog breed specifically bred to be a companion dog. They are affectionate dogs. With proper socialization, they will get along with other pets, including rabbits.

A Japanese Chin can comfortably lay next to a rabbit without the rabbit feeling threatened.

The Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a powerful dog indigenous to the Pyrenees Mountains. They are a gentle and loving dog breed that gets along with other animals.

Although they can become protective sometimes, they are composed and good-natured. With the proper training, a Great Pyrenees will not pose any threat to your rabbit.

Although all the dog breeds on this list have low prey drive, there is no guarantee that they won’t try to chase your rabbit.

No matter how comfortable your rabbit is with your dog, do not leave them alone without any supervision. Ensure the rabbit is safe in a rabbit hutch or sturdy cage to avoid any injury.

Final Take

Due to the natural herding instincts of corgis, they will not leave rabbits stress-free. And seeing that rabbits get stressed easily, a corgi-bunny relationship is just not meant to be.

Corgis are better paired with animals like dogs, cats, and cattle. But even in such situations, early socialization and proper training are vital.