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Can Corgis Jump on the Couch?

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Corgis are able to jump on a couch. Of course, this depends on the height of the couch and the health and wellness of the corgi. 

Corgis are known to have stubby legs and small bodies. Nevertheless, corgis may surprise you with their ability to jump.

Although their legs are small, they are able to gain pretty impressive air with an average of jumping 8 to 12 inches off the ground. (source)

corgi on sofa

Why do corgis have a hard time jumping? 

Although corgis have the ability to jump, they often have a hard time completing the action. Their legs are much smaller than other breeds and their short size makes it harder for them to spring into the air and achieve great heights. 

Their proportions may be a tad bit off for jumping, but they are able to do it. Despite the length of their legs, corgis have the ability to jump, and often do it voluntarily during playtime or to get onto a piece of furniture. 

Fun activities for corgis (without jumping)

Although corgis are able to jump, it is not always ideal. Depending on their weight, height, diet, and activity level, corgis may not enjoy jumping and prefer engaging in other various activities.

Below is a list of activities that corgis may enjoy that do not require jumping. All of them will have you spending quality time enjoying your corgi.

Playing outside 

Corgis, much like many other dog breeds, really enjoy playing outside. Whether this is running around, laying in the grass, or even just exploring their environment, corgis enjoy being outdoors. 

Corgis may enjoy being outside but they often do not enjoy being in extreme temperatures. Depending on one’s geographic location, a corgi should not be in heat, weather exceeding 86°F, or anything below 30°F.

Being in these conditions for long periods of time may cause your corgi to become exhausted, have low energy, and even be agitated toward their owners if they are not feeling comfortable. 

Playing with toys 

corgi on carpet

Corgis are commonly balls of energy. They enjoy running around, going on walks, and even playing with toys!

Oftentimes, if your corgi is running around playing/exercising, chances are they will still be energetic when playtime is over. Having a couple of toys around the house may be just the thing to help your corgi burn off this extra energy. 

Corgis love playing with toys as a fun way to pass the time. Owners love toys that help stimulate their corgi’s mind, keep them busy, and improve their ability to play independently.

Overall, corgis may enjoy playing with toys alone or with their owners. 

Learning new tricks

Corgis are an exceptional breed when it comes to training. This training can be for behavior and/or for entertainment. Corgis will do just about any trick their owners throw at them, especially if a treat is involved.

Some tricks that corgis enjoy and can do easily include standing on their hind legs, high fives, and listening and responding to voice commands. Corgis are the 11th smartest dog breed in the world and are able to pick up on training easily and effectively.

These newly learned tricks are a good way to bond with your dog and keep their brain sharp as well as increase their activity level. 

5 fun spots for your corgi to hang out

Corgis are not necessarily always in the mood to jump around and play. Oftentimes corgis enjoy laying around and hanging out as opposed to running around.

Below is a list of common household places that your corgi may enjoy hanging out. These places may just be your corgis’ new favorite hangout spot!


corgi on grass

It’s no surprise that dogs, in general, adore playing outside. They love the thrill of running around and burning off their pent-up energy. Corgis may enjoy running around on grass especially on warmer days when the grass is cooler for their paws.

Be sure that the grass is at a decent temperature, you may test this by putting your hand on the grass, if you can touch the grass without feeling a burning sensation, it should be good for your corgi. 

Corgis enjoy running around the grass, in their younger years, they can sometimes be seen chomping on the plant for fun. They usually outgrow this behavior quickly, but sometimes it will continue as they age.

Under the table 

Corgis love to be social. Whether this is with their owners, other dogs, or even other animals. This being said, corgis may sometimes feel the need for private time.

Although it’s not completely private, your corgi may resort to going under the table as a means for privacy, they may also do this in times of stress, illness, and even as a way to initiate play with their owners. 

It is completely normal for corgis to go under things, such as a bed, chair, and/or a table. However, if your corgi starts displaying this behavior randomly and frequently one day, it could be a sign that they are feeling too much stress or they are feeling ill.

It is important to notice these behaviors and talk to your veterinarian if you are concerned!

Under the blankets 

corgi hiding under blanket

Corgis are very playful creatures, they love to hang around their owners but they also enjoy alone time. They are able to be left alone and will adapt quickly to the circumstances. When corgis are looking for some downtime they thoroughly enjoy hiding in blankets. 

Blankets are soft and comfortable and an ideal place for corgis to lay around and snooze to their heart’s content.

Corgis may snuggle under a blanket(s) on their own or with assistance from their owners. This may just be your dog’s favorite new cuddle spot! 

Doggy bed 

Did you know, corgis love being in bed just as much as humans? Corgis, just like many dog breeds, love to snuggle up. Getting your corgi a dog bed may be just the thing to give them their own comfortable space.

This may make them feel more comfortable and welcomed as well as give them an independent space to be alone and sleep.

Getting a dog bed for your corgi allows them to know their boundaries, that they have a personal space just like their owners. It may make them feel safe if they are prone to high levels of anxiety or even if they just enjoy having a space all to themselves! 

In the sun 

corgi under the sun

Many dog breeds enjoy being outdoors, laying in the sun, corgis are no exception. Corgis, in addition to playing outside, love laying in the sun too. The warmth makes them feel comfortable and may lower stress levels while giving them vitamin D, and calcium from the sun. 

It is important to allow your corgi to sit in the sun when the weather allows for it.

As mentioned before, if your hand touches the ground and it creates any discomfort it is most likely unfit for your dog to be sitting in. Extreme weather may cause them to become uncomfortable, stressed, and even ill. 

Special Note

The information stated above is not a suitable replacement for medical advice.

If you believe your corgi is displaying abnormal behaviors and/or symptoms it is important to bring them to a veterinarian right away to make sure your furry friend has a long, happy, and healthy life.