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Why Does My Corgi Have Long Legs? (Is It Normal?)

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When most people think of corgis, they think of adorable dogs with long ears and short legs. Long legs are typically not a part of the corgi equation.

If your corgi has long legs, it is due to its genetics and is not normal for the breed. Corgis should have obviously short and muscular legs, similar to those of a dachshund. A corgi should not have noticeably long legs or stand significantly taller than most other corgis.

As with every dog breed, there can be some outliers that defy the breed standards, but when it comes to legs, corgis should not have long legs like most dog breeds do.

The more you learn about corgis and their short statures, the more you will understand about your long-legged corgi.

corgi standing

How Tall Should a Corgi Stand?

Most corgis should stand somewhere between 10 and 12.5 inches tall at their shoulder. Pembroke Welsh corgis are usually 10 to 12 inches tall, while Cardigan Welsh corgis stand between 10.5 and 12.5 inches tall.

Some corgis can stand slightly taller or slightly shorter than these measurements, but they are rarely substantially taller.

Why Do Most Corgis Have Short Legs?

Corgis, no matter exactly which breed they are, have a genetic predisposition for short legs and large bodies. Corgis have existed for over a 1,000 years and they have been short and low to the ground ever since then.

The two distinct corgi breeds, the Pembroke Welsh and Cardigan Welsh breeds, have continued to produce corgis with short, strong legs. The attribute is a distinct and unchanging part of the breed.

Corgis can weigh between 25 and 38 pounds on average, but their height remains short for that weight. This weight and heigh disparity leads to a short-statured appearance that is as adorable as it is beneficial.

Why Does My Corgi Have Long Legs?

Your corgi has long legs because either your corgi is a rarity of the breed and somehow developed longer than normal legs, or your corgi is not a purebred Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh corgi.

The short leg stature in corgis is not just a common occurrence, it is a standard physical characteristic of the breed. If you suspect that your corgi may not be a full-blooded corgi, do not worry, it is just another unique characteristic that your dog possesses.

It is possible that the genetic anomaly occurred several lines ago in your dog’s breed line history, so it may have not been known to your dog’s breeders or previous owners.

Regardless of why your corgi has long legs, the fact is, it is a very rare occurrence that is not often seen or discussed.

corgi looking at the sunset

How Can I Find Out My Corgi’s Genetic History?

The easiest way to learn your corgi’s genetic history to determine why it has long legs is to have a DNA panel test completed on your dog. This will tell you your specific corgi’s genetic history including the historical dog breeds that helped produce it.

You can consult your veterinarian for help with testing, or you can order your own at-home test kit.

Embark offers an at-home canine DNA test that can identify more than 350 different dogs breed in your corgi’s ancestry.

Is It Normal For a Corgi to Have Long Legs?

It is not normal, per se, for a corgi to have long legs, but it is not a negative thing. It is normal for corgis to have short, stocky legs because of their breed’s history.

While it is not normal for a corgi to have longer legs, it does not mean that it could never happen. You may well find out that your corgi is a full-blooded corgi that just happens to have long legs; it is a possibility.

Is It Good That My Corgi Has Long Legs?

Although it may not be normal for a corgi to have long legs, it is actually a good thing that your corgi has long legs. Due to their shorter statures, most corgis are susceptible to an early on-set of intervertebral disc disease, or IVDD, because of the pressure on their spines.

Corgis with long legs like yours has will be far less likely to suffer from this disease. This means that in your corgi’s circumstances, having long legs is a positive attribute and a good thing.

corgi standing on a big branch

Will My Corgi’s Legs Shorten With Age?

Your corgi’s legs will not shorten with age. They will remain the same length throughout your dog’s life.

If your corgi is still a puppy or under the age of two, it is possible for your dog’s legs to grow even longer. A corgi is not considered fully grown until it is about two years old.

Final Thoughts

While almost all full-blooded corgis have short legs, it is possible that your long-legged corgi is just a rare gem that was blessed with longer legs.

It could also be possible that your corgi is not just a corgi, it may have another dog breed in its genetic history that contributed to the longer legs.

Either way, your corgi is amazing and just as adorable and priceless as those with short legs.


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