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Why Does My Corgi Lick Everything? (Solved!)

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For dogs, licking is a complex behavior with several meanings. Dogs are exposed to licking as early as their birth, and it typically serves as means of communication.

While dogs may have no issue understanding why other dogs are licking, dog owners may not always understand.

Why does your corgi lick everything?

For corgis, licking is an instinctive behavior, but it is also indicative.

A corgi might lick parts of itself because it has allergies or is stressed. Corgis may also lick to show affection or boredom. In some instances, corgis lick the skin of their humans because they like the taste of salt. Corgis will even try to lick other dogs in a display of dominance.

If it bothers you that your corgi is licking everything, you should read this article. In this article, we discuss some reasons why your corgi licks everything. We also talk about several ways to stop your corgi from licking everything.

Reasons Your Corgi Licks


happy girl being licked by corgi

Like any other dog breed, mother corgis show puppy corgis affection by licking them. So, when a corgi licks you, it might be trying to show you it cares for you.

Besides being a sign of affection, your corgi may try to groom you by licking you.

Seeking Attention

There are several ways your corgi can try to get your attention. They can bark, whine, stare at you or even lick you.

Licking is probably the most subtle and least annoying way your corgi can get your attention.

When you reward your corgi’s licking by cuddling it or patting its head, it means licking you to get your attention worked. As a result, it will continue to lick you when it wants your attention. But if you find this means of getting your attention annoying, you can ignore it. 


corgi licking nose

Another reason why your corgi licks everything is boredom. Since they were bred to herd livestock, corgis are naturally active dogs. So, they can get bored easily if they do not get some activity.

When your corgi becomes bored, it will become creative and look for ways to keep itself occupied.  And this can sometimes include licking. If your corgi randomly licks the wall, floor, or furniture, it could be bored. At such times, it may require mental stimulation.

Stress or Anxiety

Sometimes, corgis start licking when they are anxious or stressed. At such times, you may observe that your dog has wide eyes while it tucks its tails and licks its lips excessively.

For dogs, licking can be self-soothing. When dogs lick themselves, endorphins are released in their brain, and these endorphins help reduce stress. Some corgis will even lick themselves before going to sleep since it helps them relax and fall asleep. 

Licking may also remind them of when their mothers licked them as puppies. This reminder gives them a sense of calm and comfort.

Licking Tastes Good

Your corgi may be licking something because it smells nice. The appeal of the smell drives its curiosity, so it licks the item to know how it tastes.

For instance, the smell of sweat or a spill may attract your corgi to lick the floor or furniture. Also, if your corgi licks you often, it probably likes the salty taste of your skin.


corgi licking candy

If your corgi has pica, it may go around licking everything. Pica is a condition that makes your corgi crave non-food items. Pica may be caused by nutritional deficiencies, stress, and even infestations.

Your vet can help you understand if the missing nutrients are down to their diet or a parasite. Your vet will also prescribe the necessary treatments to stop your dog from licking everything.

Cognitive dysfunction

A behavior-like excessive licking may stem from neurological disorders. One of the first symptoms of cognitive dysfunction in dogs is excessive licking.

If you notice your dog is licking more than usual, it might be a sign of this condition. Ensure you check for other symptoms that accompany your dog’s excessive licking and visit your vet for treatment.

Injuries or Allergies

Corgis may also lick everything when they have infections, injuries, or allergies. When your corgi gets injured, it will instinctively lick its wounds. However, most vets agree that you should not encourage your dog to lick its wound.

While licking may remove any dirt and debris from their wounds, continued licking can irritate the wound. Their wound may even reopen, and this will prevent proper healing.

If you notice your corgi licks its fur a lot, especially its feet, this may mean it has allergies. If you examine their feet for injuries and find none, the licking could indicate dermatitis. Dermatitis can be caused by food sensitivity, infection, or allergies.

corgi owner calming corgi

How to Stop Your Corgi From Licking Anything

Ease Your Corgi’s Anxiety

Some dogs have specific stress and anxiety triggers. Figuring out the source of your corgi’s stress and trying to fix it will help your corgi in the long run.

For instance, if you notice your dog starts licking at a particular time of the day, try to figure out what happens at that time that causes its anxiety. Once you unveil the cause of the stress, find solutions that will help ease its anxiety.

You can also ease your corgi’s anxiety by using a pheromone spray or giving it calming treats.

Exercise Your Corgi

If your corgi’s licking is due to boredom, channel its boredom into an activity that will help it release some energy.

You can try training together or increasing the frequency and length of their daily walks. Sometimes the extra walk might be just what your corgi needs to stop licking and focus its mind on something else.

Ignore Them

attractive girl ignoring corgi

For dogs, licking can be a social activity. But not every dog owner will tolerate such behavior. If you want your corgi to stop licking you, you need to let them know that licking is not acceptable behavior.

Whenever your corgi licks you, leave it alone for a while and pay no attention to it. Once your dog realizes that licking does not earn it any attention, it will stop.

Redirect Them

If you notice your dog licking your furniture, distract them by throwing their favorite toy for them. Your corgi will stop licking your furniture immediately and divert its attention to the toy.

Do this regularly, and your corgi will learn to use its toy to get its licking urges out instead of your furniture.

Visit Your Vet

vet nurse

If the other methods mentioned above fail, you may need to visit your vet. Your dog’s excessive licking may be due to obsessive-compulsive disorder, allergies, or fleas.

Your vet will decide if your dog needs antibiotics, ointments, or medicated shampoo for yeast and fungal infections.

Hire a Behaviorist

Some compulsive behaviors like licking are impossible to stop without proper training. To break such behavior in your corgi, get a professional dog trainer. An applied animal behaviorist or veterinary behaviorist can also help.

These professionals will help you find the root cause of your dog’s compulsive licking behavior and find safe ways to treat the habit.

Final Take

Corgis may start licking everything around them for various reasons. They lick to de-stress, to show affection, or to seek attention. Sometimes, they lick just because they are curious.

If your corgi has been licking everything, pay attention to its behavior. By doing so, you may be able to detect why it has taken on the habit. But if you make no headway, get a vet involved.