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Why Does My Corgi Sleep on His Back? (6 Interesting Facts)

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Corgis generally have four prevalent sleeping positions. They either sleep on their backs, their stomachs, their sides, or curled up.

Your corgi will sleep in any of these positions depending on how it feels and how comfortable it is. And although your corgi may choose to sleep in any of these positions, it will probably have a favorite sleeping position.

Why does my corgi sleep on his back?

Corgis sleep on their backs for various reasons. For one, they may get into this position when they are comfortable and relaxed. Corgis may also sleep on their bellies or curl up to protect themselves from threats.

There may be more to your corgi sleeping on his back. So, if you are curious about this behavior, read this article to the end. In it, we talk about why corgis sleep on their back and share 6 facts related to corgis sleeping supine.

corgi sleeping on its back

Corgis Sleeping on Their Backs Might Be an Indication That They Feel Secure

Your corgi choosing to sleep on his back shows that he doesn’t sense any threats and trusts you completely.

Generally, dogs tend to avoid sleeping belly up, especially when they sense a threat or danger nearby. Lying on their back makes them vulnerable to threats since they cannot protect themselves in that position.

If you notice your dog has its limbs pressed against something while lying down, it means he is not at ease and senses danger.

Contrarily, when your corgi sleeps on its back, it means you have done a lovely job in making your home a safe place for your pet.

Laying Supine Can Help With Body Temperature Regulation in Corgis

Corgis sometimes lay on their backs to regulate their body temperature. When on their backs, corgis expose more body surface area; this helps them cool down faster.

When corgis lie on their backs, they expose their bellies to the air. Since there is minimal fur in their stomach area, exposing their bellies to the air helps them regulate their overall temperature.

As the season changes and temperatures rise, your corgi will begin to sleep on his back more often. This seasonal adaptation is highly pronounced in the summer.

Corgis have thick double coats that trap heat, so lying on their backs prevents them from overheating.

corgi asleep on carpet

Corgis Need Sufficient Space to Lay On Their Back

Another factor that can determine your corgi’s sleeping position is the space available for him to sleep. Corgis are typically restricted to sleeping sideways or on their stomach when space is limited.

To sleep on their backs, corgis need a lot of space. And if you do not mind your corgi sleeping in this position, you must ensure sufficient space is available.

A dog bed or crate might be insufficient. But you can replace it with a soft mat. Even if your dog does not sleep belly up, he will still have enough space to stretch out when he wants to.

Sometimes Corgis Just Sleep on Their Back Because They Are Comfortable

Another reason why your corgi chooses to sleep on his back is comfort. Just like we humans, dogs find some sleeping positions more comfortable than others. To them, sleeping belly up is more comfortable than it seems.

A dog might sleep on his belly or side for years. Then all of a sudden, he may decide to sleep tummy up.

When your corgi sleeps on his back, he relaxes all his muscles; none of them will be tense or put under any pressure in this position. So, although sleeping supine might seem like a terrible way for corgis to sleep, it allows them to stretch their paws and release any built-up tension.

corgi fell asleep after playing with plushie

A Corgi May Sleep on Its Back as a Sign of Submission

Corgis may also sleep on their back to show submission.

Generally, when dogs sleep on their backs, they are submitting themselves to their owners. They are trying to tell them that they trust them. Even wolves use this habit of lying belly up to show their aggressors they mean no harm.

Corgis are famous for their stubbornness, individuality, and self-sufficiency. If your corgi falls asleep in this position, it means it trusts you and is trying to project its affection towards you.

Having your corgi submit to you is a sign that you have raised him properly. So, if your corgi sleeps like this in front of you, you should see it as an accomplishment.

It Is What Your Corgi Prefers

The most straightforward reason for your corgi sleeping on his back is that this is what he prefers. Every human has a sleeping position they like best, and so do dogs.

Your corgi should be free to choose whatever sleeping position he prefers. Even when there is minimal space, some dogs will still choose to sleep with their limbs splayed out.