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Why Is My Corgi Always Hungry? (What Can They Eat?)

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If you have a corgi in your house, there is one thing that you probably know for sure: it is always hungry. You may not know, however, exactly why your corgi is always hungry.

Your corgi is always hungry because it loves food, especially if it is a treat or other non-typical dog food. More than likely, there is nothing wrong with your corgi, however, there are some health issues that can contribute to their hunger. Overeating can become a problem if not prevented.

Learning about corgis and why they are always hungry is an important step when caring for a corgi of your own. Corgis are not like all other dogs and there are special considerations with food that you should know.

welsh corgi on a field of flowers

Why Does My Corgi Always Act Hungry?

Your corgi always acts hungry because it loves to eat food and it really feels hungry. This is especially true when you offer them special treats or any kind of food that they do not normally get to eat.

Dogs like corgis do not understand that they are full or that they do not need to gain anymore weight. Diets are not any of their concern, which can be a good thing as well as a bad one.

Corgis will usually eat any human food or treats that you offer them, even if they have just eaten. They will overeat and sometimes even make themselves sick if you let them.

Are All Corgis Always Hungry?

All corgis are not always hungry, but the majority of them seem to be. Corgis may not necessarily feel hungry, but they will definitely eat food that you offer them.

There may be some corgis that do not appear to always be hungry, but that is not the case for all of them. Many corgis will act hungry despite being fed just thirty minutes before you offer them more food.

What Is a Healthy Weight for a Corgi?

The normal weight for corgis depends on the natural size of the dog, which can somewhat vary between dogs in the breed.

For the most part, corgis should weigh somewhere between 24 and 37 pounds.

The healthiest weight for your corgi should be determined by a veterinarian, just to be sure. Until a vet can make a determination, there are physical signs you can look for to know if your corgi is at a healthy weight.

Dogs that are at a healthy weight, will have a visible waistline and a tucked-in abdomen. Their ribs will not be visible but can be easily felt if you touch their sides.

It is important to note that it is sometimes difficult to visually assess a corgi, so a veterinarian’s opinion may be the better choice.

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5 Medical Reasons a Corgi is Always Hungry

Sometimes, corgis will always be hungry because of a medical reason, not just because they love food.

  1. It has worms – Parasites can cause nutrient malabsorption, which means that even though your corgi is eating food, it is not getting the nutrient it needs due to the parasites. Talk to your vet about testing your corgi for worms.
  2. It has diabetes – Diabetes in dogs causes glucose processing issues that can lead to increased hunger. Increased thirst and peeing are also signs of the disease. Your veterinarian can test for it if you suspect your corgi may have diabetes.
  3. It has hyperthyroidism – If your corgi suffers from hyperthyroidism, that means that its metabolism is in overdrive, which can cause them to seem like they are always hungry. Hyperthyroidism is not extremely common in dogs, especially corgis, but it is a possibility.
  4. It has digestive issues – Digestive issues including intestinal cancer and bowel disease can lead to increased hunger as well. If your dog is having digestive issues along with their increased hunger, you may want to bring it up at the next veterinarian appointment.
  5. It is pregnant – Although it may seem like an obvious cause, many dog owners do not realize their dog is pregnant until they start gaining weight. Pregnancy in corgis can lead to increased appetites just like it does in humans.

What Can Corgis Eat?

Corgis can eat a variety of dog foods as well as some fruits and vegetables. Look specifically for a well-formulated dog food that is made for your corgi’s age range and activity level.

Corgis can eat dog-friendly treats as well as some vegetables and fruits like green beans and bananas, among others.

It is not recommended to feed corgis processed foods that were not made for dogs like lunch meat, snack cakes, hotdogs, and more.

What Should Corgis Not Eat?

There are several foods that you should never feed any dog, including corgis.

Onions, grapes, raisins, peaches, plums, wild mushrooms, rhubarb, shellfish, avocado, chocolate, and caffeine-laden foods should never be fed to corgis or any dog.

It is also important to note that corgis, and all dogs for that matter, should never be given any treat or food that contains xylitol. Xylitol is a sugar substitute that is popular now, however, it is extremely dangerous for dogs.

How Often Should Corgis Eat?

Corgis should be fed at least once per day, however, many corgi owners opt for twice a day or more. If you decide to do multiple feedings per day, your corgi should still only get the daily recommended amount of food for its size.

No matter what kind of dog food you decide to feed your corgi, the bag should indicate how much your dog should get based on its weight. Stick to this amount per day, not per feeding.

How Much Should My Corgi Eat Daily?

Corgis should only eat the daily amount of food recommended by the manufacturer of the specific dog food they are eating. If they are unable to maintain their weight or are gaining too much weight on that amount, consult a vet to develop an alternative feeding plan.

Treats should only be fed in moderation, especially if they are high in calories. Try to keep low-calorie treats nearby to help satisfy your corgi’s hunger but also keep their weight in check.

Overfeeding can be a problem with corgis, due to their penchant for food. It is important to make sure they maintain a healthy weight to support their bodies and extend their lives as much as possible.

corgi pups eating

7 Low Calorie Natural Treat Options

Try some of these low-calorie, natural treat options to keep your corgi at a healthy weight while also satisfying their never-ending hunger.

  1. Cooked Green Beans
  2. Sliced Bananas
  3. Pumpkin Puree
  4. Cooked Sweet Potato
  5. Chopped Cucumber
  6. Chopped Celery
  7. Spinach


Learning about corgis and why some always seem to be hungry was an eye-opening experience. These are the sources that I researched for this article.