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Are Corgis Good With Cats?

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Many people believe cats and dogs are sworn enemies that simply can’t get along. The good news is that it’s not true. Your furry friends can learn to live happily, or at least amicably, together with a little help from you.

Corgis are good with cats if you gently introduce them to each other and adequately train your dog beforehand.

Corgis love to chase, and cats are territorial, so their personalities can clash. As they slowly start to understand one another, they may enjoy chasing and hunting together.

When pairing a dog and cat, matching their sizes is crucial. Corgis make perfect companions for cats because of their size and temperament, but only given the right conditions.

Training will make or break how well your animals get along. Take the time to do it so that you can relax, knowing everyone in your household is happy.

cat and corgi

A Life With Corgis and Cats

Helping your pets develop a super best friendship, or at the very least, a mutual tolerance for one another is essential for a harmonious home.

Corgis are social dogs that love making friends with others. Their natural instincts are to herd smaller animals, which is a frustrating trait to a lazy cat that wants to sleep most of its day away.

Cats are territorial, so the herding and curious nature of corgis can put them on edge.

Despite those instinctual differences, corgis and cats are highly intelligent and can learn to accept each other. They may even become friends and galavant around your yard together.

Socializing Corgis and Cats Early Matters

It’s best to pair your corgi and cat from an early age. Puppies and kittens are more playful and don’t really notice the massive species difference.

During the first four months of your corgi’s life, they are the most adaptable to new pets. It’s best to get a corgi pup when introducing a dog to your cat.

You might already have an older corgi or want to get one. In this case, consider their history with other species. Did it exhibit aggressive behavior or ignore commands around other animals? What is its personality like?

You can use a controlled setting to introduce them if you know your dog might not get along with a cat. Remember to be exceptionally cautious when following this route because it might end in injury.

Consider talking to an animal behaviorist if you have pets already and are thinking of getting another one. You can learn more about your animal’s personality and whether they will socialize well with a new species.

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Consider Your Cats Temperament

We’ve spoken a lot about corgis and their personalities, but what about your cat? Felines vary in temperament like all animals.

A cat that’s too nervous or timid won’t pair well with a corgi and sometimes even other cats. Conversely, a cat that’s territorial and aggressive might injure your dog, making everyone feel uncomfortable.

Sociable and friendly cats that love cuddles, adventuring, and playing with others are the best match for a corgi. Once they learn to accept your dog, they will throw out irritation and embrace fun.

Remember to monitor their body language no matter how well they get along. Cat and dogs are different species, so even with training and understanding, clashes can arise. Consult an animal behaviorist if you want advice on your pet’s nature and ability to live with others.

Which Cat Breeds Live Best With Corgis?

The breed of your cat also plays a role in how well it will get along with your corgi. Most people find success raising their dogs with these breeds:

  • Siberian
  • Maine Coon
  • Birman
  • Japanese Bobtail
  • Bombay
  • American shorthair
  • Ragdoll
  • Abyssinian
  • Bengal
  • Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Tonkinese

Things to Do When Introducing Your Corgi to Your Cat

Introducing your corgi and cat to each other is a slow process that requires love and patience.

Here are a few things to do to make the journey a little easier for everyone. Remember to train your dog beforehand for the best results.

Start by Introducing Each Animal’s Scent

You don’t have to start here, but most people recommend it. Before letting your corgi and cat meet, introduce them to each other’s scent.

When they see each other for the first time, they’ll feel a familiarity that immediately removes some tension between the two species.

You can try switching their blankets or beds. You can also rub their bodies with a towel and leave it near their bowls.

Swapping their toys works, too. They will start to recognize each other’s scent in safe and familiar spaces around your home.

happy corgi wearing a christmas hat

Help Your Corgi Expend Energy

Before introducing your corgi and cat, help them release some energy. They will be less excitable by the time you’re ready for them to meet.

Make sure to do something that’s mentally stimulating for your corgi. Try going to the park and playing games that make your dog think.

A social place will also help them feel more comfortable with the idea of a new pet.

Use a Confined and Controlled Environment

Create a confined environment to minimize the chances of your corgi chasing your cat. Most recommend using an x-pen for your dog and placing it a few inches away from a tall perch or pen for your cat.

Conversely, you could keep your corgi in an x-pen and let your cat roam where it pleases. Always ensure that they can’t hurt each other.

Even if you leave your cat to roam free, make sure to create a safe zone that’s high enough for them to feel comfortable. From there, you can slowly release your corgi from its x-pen.

Use a Leash at First

It’s best to use a leash the first time you let your dog out of its pen. Use training cues and commands to make sure your corgi doesn’t become too excitable.

Let your cat slowly approach your dog while keeping a close eye on its body language. Your cat will approach with curiosity and caution.

They may sniff each other and be a little jumpy but become relaxed after some time. Gently move your corgi away if you notice any aggressive behavior in either pet.

Be Patient as Your Corgi Gets Comfortable Around Your Cat

Corgis and cats need time to feel comfortable with each other. Be patient and use positive reinforcements to encourage them to get along.

Remember to make an escape plan for your cat. If a feline feels trapped, it will get anxious, and that can throw your corgi out of balance.

If either pet becomes aggressive or too nervous, move back a few steps and try again after each one is calm.

Give Your Cat Plenty of Attention

During the introduction process, most of your attention is on your corgi. You have to use commands to manage their reactions and reinforce their positive behavior. Your cat may feel neglected, so remember to give them plenty of love and attention, too.

When your corgi sees this behavior, it will realize the cat is part of the pack. You are the alpha to your pup, so it will follow your actions.

Make Separate Feeding Areas

Like with most animals, it is best to keep their feeding areas separate. Corgis can sometimes be aggressive eaters. They may growl, bark, or snarl if any animal gets too close, even you.

Keeping their feeding areas separate eliminates the risk of injury to both pets. Place your corgi’s food on the floor and create a spot for your cat on a higher surface.


1. What If I Already Have a Corgi?

You can introduce a cat to an older corgi, but it will take more patience and time. Corgis are territorial like cats.

They might struggle to share their space at the beginning. With training and positive reinforcement, corgis and cats can learn to live together and may even become friends.

2. Will Corgis Kill Cats?

It’s unlikely that your corgi will kill your cat. These dogs aren’t aggressive animals unless they feel mistreated or trapped in some way.

Cats hiss to ward off threats, and your corgi may respond with barking. It will instigate your cat, so try to teach your dog a command that controls their yapping. It will prevent a scuffle between your pets.

3. Will My Corgi and Cat Play Together?

With a lot of patience and training, your corgi and cat may play together. Corgis and cats love to chase things, so they’ll sometimes do it together if they become friends.

If you get a puppy and kitten together, your pets will spend time playing from the beginning.


Corgis are good with cats if you introduce them properly and train your corgi before they meet. Be patient and kind with each animal as they slowly learn to welcome their new family member to the pack.