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Will Corgis Kill Rats?

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Are rats wreaking havoc in your home? These pesky rodents can gnaw on your electrical wires in the basement or attic, and can even live in your car and eat away the car’s interior.

If you mention a rat problem to others, you may hear the suggestion that you adopt a Corgi as a pet.

So you may ask, will Corgis kill rats?

Corgis will indeed kill rats! These small, brave dogs have been known to catch and kill rats, vermin, and other small animals.

corgi on the field

Corgis were bred as drover dogs used to drive geese, cattle, and pigs to the market. They were also very popular on farms as they would guard the chickens against any predators.

What if you have a pet rat and want to adopt a Corgi? Read along to find out if it is possible to have a corgi and a rat living together.

Which Type of Corgi Is Known to Kill Rats?

There are two types of Corgis: Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Cardigan Welsh Corgis.

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is distinguished by its muscled legs, longer body, and long, full tail.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is bob-tailed due to the “bob-tailed” gene or through surgical docking.

Both Corgis are agile, intelligent, very alert, and are friendly dogs.

They are characterized by their sturdy bodies, short legs, and their heavy, double coats.

Corgis are no longer working dogs as they used to be, but have now transitioned to being much-adored family pets.

Corgis are active and need plenty of exercises to keep them physically fit and happy.

They are not suitable pets for people who prefer a sedentary lifestyle. This is because Corgis tend to be destructive whenever they get bored.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

pembroke welsh corgi

Pembrokes were bred to exterminate vermin and rodents in addition to being drover dogs.

They are excellent ratters which mean they are very good at finding, catching, and killing rats and mice. Pembroke Corgis were also used to protect the farms from rodents that would prey on fowl and eggs.

Cardigan Welsh Corgis

cardigan welsh corgi

Cardigan Welsh Corgis were initially used to help farmers by keeping the herd safe from predators and were also used to drive cattle to the market and the fields. They were so valuable that it was a punishable crime to harm or steal one of them.

They were used as rodents exterminators, guardian dogs, and family pets.

From comparison and history, both Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Pembroke Welsh Corgis can kill rats.

Is It Possible To Adopt a Pet Rat and a Corgi?

Yes, you can have a rat and a Corgi co-existing as pets.

But for that to happen, you have to take several steps to make sure the two animals co-exist peacefully.

This is because dogs instinctively believe that rats are rodents and should be exterminated. The rats will even smell like vermin to your Corgi.

Below are some of the steps you can take to make sure a rat and a Corgi co-exist:

Step 1.

Make your pet rat comfortable if it is the new addition to your family. Once your pet rat is comfortable with you, it can feel more at ease to follow your lead.

Step 2

Once your pet rat is comfortable with you handling it, you can introduce it to your dog and, in this case, your Corgi.

Make sure your pet rat is in its cage before you bring the Corgi into the room. Let your pet rat and pet Corgi smell each other to familiarize each other’s smell.

If either of them acts aggressively, stop the introduction and do it another time. It may take up to a week for the two to start getting along.

Step 3

Introduce them on neutral ground and watch how they react to each other. The neutral ground, in this case, should be a place neither of the pets considers theirs.

Have one person hold your pet Corgi and the other hold your pet rat.

Step 4

Watch for signs of aggression from either of the pets and if they seem like they can’t get along, remove them to try again another time.

Rats instinctively feel that any larger animal is out to hunt them and thus may act aggressively towards the Corgi whenever you try to introduce them.

While naturally, Corgis know that they should hunt rodents. This causes a conflict of interest. 

If the two don’t get along despite your efforts, do not punish either of the pets, as they are only acting on what they instinctively know.

Are Corgis The Only Dog Breed That Kill Rats?

Other dogs breeds do kill rats. Many dog owners have experienced seeing their dogs hunt and kill rats. In fact, dogs kill more rats when compared to cats.

Your corgi will help you get rid of rodents that may be terrorizing your home or your farm.

What To Keep In Mind If You Have a Corgi

Letting your Corgi go for rat-catching duties in the community may be a noble gesture, but you should be aware that your Corgi might catch several diseases from the rats.

This means that your Corgi should be up to date with the vaccines.

You can train your Corgi to bring the rat to you after it has caught it instead of eating it. Trainers can help you instill this behavior in your Corgi.

Corgi staring its food in stainless bowl.

What To Feed Your Corgi

If you are a new parent to a pet Corgi, you may be curious about its diet, as you want to give your pet the best food.

Since you know that Corgis primarily would hunt and eat rodents, you might like to provide them with food in line with what they were developed for. You may also feel compelled to introduce them to some human food.

A Corgi will be happy when you give it meat as its primary food source, followed by vegetables.

Whenever you introduce human food to your Corgi, remember to give them the food in small portions. This will help you to monitor how they react to the food.

Your Corgi can eat eggs, some cheese in moderation, some plain yogurt, which is a good source of calcium and promotes healthy bones and rice. 

Still, every pet has a specific diet and formula, and it would be best to ask a veterinarian for a professional opinion. A veterinarian will help you to come up with a diet plan for your furry pet.

Final Thoughts

Corgis will hunt and kill rats whenever they get a chance, as they are naturally born to exterminate rodents whenever they see them.

However, Corgis can be trained to co-exist with a pet rat, though it is a not-so-easy task.