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Can a Corgi Be a Guard Dog?

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Corgis are amazing dogs, and they may just surprise you at how effective they are as guard dogs.

These dogs are extremely smart, and they notice quickly when anything seems out of the ordinary or there is something that they feel you should know about.

Corgis are also loud barkers and aren’t afraid to make noise.

Sure, they’re not likely to take down any bad guys that break into your home, but Corgis can be a good deterrent for anyone casing your house or trying to do something like grabbing Amazon packages off of your porch.

Many of a Corgi’s instincts also come in handy with regards to protecting your home.

They have strong herding instincts, so probably won’t be afraid of getting up close with any threats and trying to scare them off.

Basically, don’t let their short legs and cute looks fool you. If you’re looking for a dog that can alert you to potential problems and let bad guys know that they’re not walking into an empty home that is an easy target, then a Corgi will do the trick nicely.

Here are some things that Corgis do that can make them good guard dogs.

Corgis Tend to Bark

If you talk to some Corgi owners, they’ll let you know that they tend to bark a lot. These dogs aren’t afraid to make noise, much to the frustration of people living with and around them.

Yes, you can train your Corgi to not bark as much, but that takes patience and consistent training.

Corgis can bark when they feel anxious or are trying to tell you that they want something. That’s great news for owners who want their dogs to alert them if anything’s up.

You can count on your dog to bark at pretty much anything that sets foot on your property. They’ll scare off deer and other animals as well.

corgi barking

Corgis Are Extremely Loyal

Let’s say something crazy happens and you or someone else in your family is under some sort of threat. Well, you can expect your Corgi to jump in the mix and try to set things straight.

These dogs are incredibly loyal and form strong bonds with their owners. If they notice that someone they are bonded to is under duress, they’ll bark and even move in closer to push someone away or ward off another animal.

If you own a Corgi in a bigger house, you will probably notice that your dog will trot into the room you’re in from time to time to check in on you and what you’re doing. They’ll make the rounds to make sure everyone is OK.

welsh corgi observing

Corgis Are Smart

Have you ever been to someone’s house with an actual guard dog, and it feels like the dog is watching you like you’re a thief the entire time? That, or they bark and snarl at you when you come to the door?

That’s no fun, and it can make you question whether it’s worth having a guard dog at all. What’s the point if it also gets nasty with your friends and other people you WANT to come over?

This is one of the main advantages of having a Corgi. They are extremely intelligent animals.

A Corgi will remember faces and scents, and they’ll take cues from you and the rest of your family.

By watching how you approach someone, they’ll know whether a person is a friend or foe. You’re much less likely to have your dog trying to attack anyone who rings the doorbell.

Corgis Are Active

These dogs may have short legs, but they were bred as herders, and are used to physical activity that’s on par with chasing around cows and other livestock all day.

You’re not going to find your Corgi laying in a corner all day and simply raising their head when a problem pops off.

Corgis are notorious for their energy levels, and they will be running around your house and out in your yard, so they are much less likely to miss something that comes around when it shouldn’t.

You want an active dog that will respond quickly. We’ve all seen videos of dogs that barely move when a robber comes into a home and starts grabbing all of the jewelry. Your Corgi will probably make a lot of noise and move around enough to scare someone off.

corgi dog walking

They Don’t Realize How Small They Are

Watching a Corgi react and stand up to larger aggressive dogs can be quite impressive. While you’re watching, you’re probably thinking that the Corgi doesn’t stand a chance and is making the wrong decision.

However, Corgis are used to being around bigger animals, and they rely on their wits and speed to get around larger creatures. They’re not afraid to bark at any dog, human, or other animals that shouldn’t be where they are or doing what they are doing.

Their reliance on their intelligence gives them the confidence they need to check out what’s happening outside in the dark at night or go places where you may hesitate to go.

If you’re asleep in bed with your dog and something goes creak in the night, they’ll probably run downstairs faster than you can throw the covers off. If they find something you need to know about, you’ll hear loud barks. Otherwise, they’ll come bounding back upstairs and resume their place on the bed.

Corgis are amazing dogs with the smarts and personality you need for a good guard dog.

It’s a perfect mix of a dog that knows when something is off but won’t scare the neighborhood kids from coming over to your house.

They’re loyal to the point where they will protect you and check on you, but won’t freak out if someone else tries to hug you or another dog comes near.

These animals have been amazing family pets for years and are an excellent choice for a loveable guard dog!