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Do Corgis Bark A Lot?

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Corgis are one of the most iconic, popular dog breeds. People all over the world love the adorable dogs for their unique look and larger-than-life personalities.

Corgis are indeed amazing dogs, but one thing people worry about before owning a Corgi is that they bark a lot.

These dogs have loud barks, and if they’re always barking, it can anger the neighbors and make things like working from home a challenge.

One of the issues around their barking is that Corgis are extremely intelligent dogs.

They know what they want, and they quickly figure out that barking is a great way to get most owners to cave and accommodate them.

Giving in may be a good short-term fix, but it’s not a good long-term solution.

Learning why your Corgi is barking a lot is the first step in learning what to do about it. Thankfully, these smart dogs respond very well to training and can learn new behaviors like limiting how much they bark.

Here are some reasons Corgis bark and how you can get them to stop.

Why Do Corgis Bark?

It’s hard to get mad at a Corgi for barking if you don’t know why.

Yes, we get it, the noise can be frustrating, but it’s how your dog communicates. Figuring out why your dog is barking will help limit how much they bark.

Here are a few reasons why Corgis bark:

They want to play – Corgis have a ton of energy and love to play with their owners. They will bark to get attention or to tell you that they want some exercise.

Don’t let their small size or build fool you. These dogs were bred to chase cattle and sheep around all day. They have tons of energy and need regular walking and playing.

corgi trying to get gift on table

They are anxious – Many dog breeds get anxious when you do things like turn on the vacuum or when strangers walk in the house. Corgis, in particular have a loud bark and will let you know how they are feeling.

Corgis often feel anxious during thunderstorms or when there are any strange, loud noises going on that they can’t control.

They are lonely – Corgis aren’t great dogs to own if you’re single and out at work all day long. They can experience severe separation anxiety and will bark all day.

Even if you don’t have neighbors, it’s not great for your dog’s mental health to be feeling anxious and at home barking for hours on end.

They are injured – A lot of dogs will be hurt and just take the pain silently. It can be hard to know when some dogs are hurt.

However, your Corgi is more than likely to let you know they aren’t comfortable by barking to bring your attention to the situation.

If you recently played with your Corgi and nothing strange is going on, give them a quick check to make sure they aren’t injured.

They are going through puberty – When a Corgi, and a lot of other dogs for that matter, go through puberty, they can use barking as a way to express that they are ready to mate.

Just something to be aware of if your dog reaches a certain age and starts to bark more mysteriously.

corgi asking female favor

Ways to Get Corgi Dogs to Stop Barking So Much

A bark every once in a while is no big deal, but disruptive barking at all hours can be a major pain no matter how much you love your dog. If you’ve got a Corgi that barks a lot, there is still hope!

Your dog’s wits are strong enough to learn what you want them to do, as long as you take the time to train them. You can do it yourself or send them to an obedience school where they will learn things quickly.

Here are some ways that you can get your dog to stop barking so much:

Give them more exercise – A tired dog won’t bark as much. Taking your Corgi for a walk or running them out in the yard is one great way to reduce any barking.

Your dog will feel satisfied with the amount of quality time they spend with you and they’ll get rid of any excess energy.

Respond to the barking – Don’t just ignore the barking. In a test of wills, your Corgi is likely to win, and you’ll spend hours hoping that their incessant barking will stop.

autumn corgi looking at master

Instead, respond to the barking and figure out what your dog wants. They may have run out of water or want to go for a walk. That’s part of pet ownership, and the more you respond to your dog’s barking, the better you’ll be able to discern what they need or want.

Crate train them – Ignoring your dog’s barking may eventually work, but that takes a lot of time and most people don’t have that kind of patience.

An alternative is crate training, which can create a feedback system to help your dog learn when they are doing something you don’t appreciate.

If they are barking too much, put them in the crate. When they stop, let them out. Corgis are super smart dogs, and they’ll get the hint in no time.

Comfort them – Yelling at a barking dog isn’t going to help them overcome anxiety. It’s going to make them feel more scared and possibly unsafe. If they get nervous around strangers, other dogs, appliances, etc., stay close to them and let them know everything is ok.

kissing corgi

They’ll learn to adjust after a while. If your dog barks while you are out of the house, you can leave things with your scent around the house or find things to keep them busy like placing toys or treats around.

Another way to comfort an anxious Corgi while you’re away is to keep some noise going in the house. With a white noise machine or by turning on the dog channel on your TV, it can comfort your dog and keep them from barking until you make it back.