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Can a Corgi Swim?

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Most dogs are naturally good swimmers, although some find it more difficult than others.

Corgis are energetic dogs that are also well known for their odd body shape.

With their short stubby legs and elongated bodies, corgi owners often wonder if they are proficient swimmers.

Can a corgi swim?

Corgis can indeed swim. In fact, they have an affinity for water, and they will go swimming whenever they can.

Despite their physical appearance, corgis have abundant energy and powerful thighs that propel them in the water and keep them afloat.

If you intend to learn more about why corgis swim so well and how to teach your corgi to swim, you are on the right page. In this article, we thoroughly discuss these topics and much more.

Can Corgis Swim?

Corgis can swim, and they are excellent at it. Despite their physical appearance, corgis are naturally proficient swimmers, and reluctant dogs can also be taught to swim.

Most corgis are not afraid of water, and they may even go swimming on their own if given the opportunity. Some can even swim in large bodies of water like lakes and oceans.

However, some do not enjoy swimming. Especially those that are timid, unfit, or injured.

Why Are Corgis Good Swimmers?

Corgis have short, stubby legs, which make them swift and mobile. At the same time, with such legs, they should be unable to swim.

Interestingly, corgis have the potential to become excellent swimmers with enough training, time, and experience.

The following reasons explain why corgis are good swimmers:

Corgis Have Powerful Legs

Despite having a small stature, corgis have powerful legs, and these legs make them excellent swimmers.

In earlier times, corgis were bred for herding livestock, and their powerful legs helped them keep up with livestock on the field.

The same type of legs still exist in corgis these days, and that strength helps them while swimming.

When you put a dog into the water, it will begin to paddle immediately to stay afloat. But paddling does not mean the dogs will stay afloat for a long time.

Luckily, with their powerful legs and thighs, corgis have higher chances of propelling themselves and keeping themselves afloat.

welsh corgi sitting

They Have High Energy Levels

Corgis are a lively, active, and energetic dog breed. If given the opportunity, corgis will run and play all day and will not tire easily.

Swimming is an activity that requires a lot of energy, which is something corgis have in abundance.

For corgis to remain well-behaved and healthy, they require anywhere between 45 minutes to 1 hour of physical activity each day. The boundless amount of energy corgis possess is essential for swimming well for long periods.

An active dog is more likely to be a proficient swimmer and will have the stamina and energy required to keep going even when it gets tired.

Due to the abundant energy corgis have, swimming is the perfect activity for them. Swimming can ensure they can work out their excess energy. 

corgi swimming

Do I Have to Teach My Corgi to Swim?

Although most corgis are naturally good swimmers, it is still essential for you to teach them how to swim. Teaching them how to swim builds their confidence in the water, and it also helps them swim effectively.

You need to understand that teaching a corgi how to swim requires time and patience.

Also, when training your corgi to swim, be conscious of its feelings at all times. This means you should not force your corgi into the water if they are not ready.

You can start teaching your corgi how to swim when it is a puppy or fully grown. Remember not to rush your dog. If you do, you risk scaring it away. So, take things slowly.

Although corgi puppies can be a bit reserved, teaching them how to swim in their early life is easy. Conversely, teaching an older corgi that has had negative and positive experiences with water could be more difficult.

corgi pool time

How to Teach a Corgi to Swim

Teaching a corgi how to swim might take some time, but the result is worth the effort. Remember, keeping your dog safe is essential when teaching it how to swim.

Follow these steps to teach your corgi how to swim:

Get Your Dog a Life Jacket

Before teaching your corgi how to swim, you need to get a doggy life jacket. The life jacket makes the teaching process less stressful and offers some safety.

Once you put the life jacket on your corgi, you can safely teach it how to swim.

Remember to put on the life jacket ahead of time, out of the water, to allow your corgi to get used to it.

corgi running on water

Introduction to Water

  • Once your corgi is used to the life jacket, the next step is introducing it to water – this step is vital. Make sure your dog feels comfortable and safe around water before taking into deeper water. You can do the introduction in a kiddie pool if you have one. You can also take your corgi for a walk to visit a nearby lake.
  • The next step is getting the corgi into the water – remember to take it slow. To ease the dog’s anxiety, you can get into the water yourself and show it how safe the water is. Try first to get it to stand at the shallow end of the water and play around. You can also entice your corgi into the water using treats. Remember to be patient. This step is about making your dog familiar with water and building its confidence.

Shallow Swimming

Once your corgi is used to getting in and out of shallow bodies of water, you can now introduce it to swimming.

Since corgis will do anything for food, getting them to swim will not be difficult. Whenever you go swimming, take some dog treats along. You can use these treats to get them further into the water.

Giving them a lot of encouragement and positive reinforcement will help build their confidence. And before you know it, your corgi will become more comfortable in the water.

Once your corgi becomes comfortable in the water, try getting it into the water by throwing its favorite toy and see if it will swim for it. If your corgi does not swim for it right away, you may need to bait it with a treat or two.

Deeper Body of Water

Once your corgi is comfortable swimming in shallow waters and is becoming more proficient, you can now take it to swim in deeper bodies of water.

At this point, you can begin swimming with your corgi. Remember to use a life jacket in the early stages. With time, your corgi will be able to swim without it.

Final Take

Corgis can swim. At first glance, their body type may not appear well-suited for swimming. However, their high energy levels and powerful thighs make swimming possible for them.

Although corgis are natural swimmers, you may need to teach them how to swim. When training corgis to swim, take it slow, offer a lot of encouragement, and keep them safe at all times.