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Will Corgis Kill Chickens?

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Corgis are popular dogs on many small farms across the country, including many with backyard chicken coops. It is understandable that chicken owners worry about whether or not the Corgi breed is aggressive when it comes to poultry.

Corgis do not kill chickens if they are raised around them and understand their role in helping to protect chickens instead of hunting them.

With the right care and precautions, most chickens and well-mannered Corgis can be friends, not enemies.   

Having a Corgi on a farm with chickens is not out of the ordinary, however, it is still important to take a few precautionary measures to keep chickens out of harm’s way.

Learning more about how to keep your chickens safe around a Corgi is the easiest way to prevent issues.

welsh corgi on log

Are Chickens Safe Around Corgis?

Chickens are safe around most Corgis that are used to being around chickens. Corgis are not hunting dogs, so they do not have a strong desire to hunt or attack potential prey.

If the Corgi does not display any aggressive behavior towards chickens, then they are safe to be around backyard chicken flocks. There are many farms around the world that have both chickens and Corgis living in harmony together.

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Why Do Corgis Not Kill Chickens?

Most Corgis do not kill chickens because they are herding dogs that have a natural instinct to protect and herd livestock instead of killing it. Corgis that are raised on a farm around chickens do not want to harm chickens.

Hunting dogs tend to have a stronger desire to hunt and kill farm animals like chickens. However, Corgis are not prone to killing chickens or other farm animals.

Corgis are natural herders, not natural hunters.

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Will Corgis Protect Chickens?

Corgis often will protect chickens from other dogs or predators that attempt to snatch a chicken off the farm.

Despite being small, Corgis are a tough dog breed that is quite agile and brave.

Many backyard chicken owners find that their Corgis tend to protect their chickens, much like they do other livestock.

They may even try to ‘herd’ or move chickens closer to their coops to keep them safe.

Will Corgis Kill Baby Chickens?

Corgis can kill baby chickens if they are not used to being around them. Baby chickens are delicate and an excited Corgi could accidentally or, in some cases, intentionally kill a baby chick.

Baby chickens should be kept in a brooder box of some kind or left with their mother until they are able to better protect themselves. Corgis can be introduced to baby chicks while they are safely inside a brooder box, just so they get used to being around them.

Many corgis do well with baby chickens and do not want to kill them, however, it is just safer to be on guard when a Corgi first sees baby chickens.

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Tips for Keeping Corgis and Chickens Safe

When it comes to chickens and Corgis, the best thing is to play it safe until you know there are no issues.

Here are a few tips for how to make sure your chickens are safe around Corgis.

  1. Introduce Corgis and chickens from a safe distance, preferably secured by a fence of some kind.
  2. Adopt Corgis as puppies so they can grow up around chickens and are familiar with them.
  3. Monitor how any Corgi acts around chickens, especially if they are new to the farm.
  4. Keep chickens in a coop at night to prevent unseen incidents.
  5. Supervise any Corgi and chicken activity until you are comfortable leaving them alone outside together.

Why Would a Corgi Kill a Chicken?

On rare occasions, a Corgi that is not familiar with chickens at all may attempt to or even kill a chicken. Corgis that do not understand that chickens are not a threat may kill them in the wrong situation.

It is important to always watch how new Corgis interact with chickens on the farm closely, especially if they are older than puppy age. Monitor their actions and demeanor when they first see chickens to decide if the chickens will be okay around them.

A Corgi could potentially kill a chicken that attacked the dog first in an effort to protect itself. It is best to keep aggressive chickens away from the dog.

Can a Chicken Kill a Corgi?

Chickens cannot kill a corgi in most situations, although anything is possible. Corgis can weigh up to around 40 pounds as adults, while most chickens weigh 10 pounds or less.

The size difference alone makes it unlikely for a chicken to successfully kill a Corgi.

A large rooster with long spurs may be more dangerous around Corgis and could potentially kill one, although it is not likely.

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What Dogs Do Kill Chickens?

Any dog of any breed has the potential to kill a chicken if they are unfamiliar with them. Chickens appear to be fun prey for many dogs, especially hunting dog breeds like hounds.

Dogs that were not raised around chickens are more likely to either straight out attack a chicken or try to play with it. Either scenario often ends in the death of the chicken. 

Ways to Keep Chickens Safe From Dogs

Every dog is not safe to have around chickens. Here are a few ways to keep your chickens safe from unfriendly dogs.

Secure the Chicken Coop

The best way to keep chickens safe from dogs that may pose a threat is to make sure their coops are secured. The fencing should be tight and dogs should not be able to enter easily.

Consider an Outdoor Video Camera.

Investing in an outdoor video camera is a great option for those wanting to keep an eye on their chickens, especially at night or when they are out of town. A motion-detecting camera can be set up both inside and outside of the coop to watch for predators.

Check the Coop for Signs of Outside Digging.

Chicken owners should check coops often for signs of digging outside of the coop. Dogs that want to get inside the coop may leave signs of trying to break into it.

Watch For Signs of Aggression.

Keep an eye out for signs of aggression in any dogs that live on or visit the farm in any capacity.

Dogs that chase chickens and try to grab them with their mouths are a threat to the chickens.

Separate Aggressive Dogs From Chickens.

If you notice signs of aggression towards chickens in a dog on your property, separate it from the chickens and coop immediately.

Small dogs can be just as dangerous as larger dogs can be when it comes to chickens.

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Final Thoughts

Corgis tend to do well around chickens, especially if they were able to grow up around them. The familiarity helps lessen the curiosity that Corgis would have about chickens otherwise.

Thanks to their herding instinct, Corgis are more likely to herd or protect chickens than they are to kill them.

It is important, however, to always watch how Corgis interact with chickens, just to prevent any issues down the line.


Knowledge is power and exploring the truth about Corgis and chickens is imperative to maintaining a safe farm for all your animals. Here are the sources used to write this article.