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Do Corgis Like to Cuddle?

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Corgis are becoming a very popular breed among dog owners due to their fun-loving and energetic nature.

Corgis were once used for herding livestock but have recently found themselves welcomed as loyal companions in the home. Since they used to be herders, you may want to know if they like to cuddle or not.

Do corgis like to cuddle? Corgis do like to cuddle.

However, individuality prevails and some corgis enjoy being snuggled more than others. Besides their love for snuggles, corgis are known to be loving and affectionate.

portrait of corgi near pot of flowers

Now, before you go wrapping your arms around your little bundle of canine joy, you should read the rest of this article.

We discuss various subjects surrounding corgi cuddling, and these discussions will come in handy when you are around your dog.

Do Corgis Like to Cuddle?

Corgis enjoy being snuggled. When you bring your corgi puppy home for the first time, all it wants to do is cuddle and run around. Thankfully, their relatively small stature makes them easy to hold and carry around.

While holding a corgi may seem tempting, you should not do it too often. Corgis tend to become overweight, so they require exercise regularly.

Although the need to be cuddled will diminish as they get older, corgis still seek lots of attention from their owners.

Corgis also cuddle themselves to keep warm when the weather is cold.

girl cuddling corgi

Are All Corgis Cuddly?

Not all corgis are cuddly.

Although they are social animals, some corgis will run away when you insist on cuddling them. Others will nip at you angrily with their teeth.

Due to their energetic nature, most corgis prefer to run and play rather than be cuddled.

Some corgi puppies cannot tolerate cuddling. Instead, they prefer to run around and play. However, as they grow older, they will become more tolerant of snuggles.

Just because your corgi does not like to cuddle does not mean it dislikes you. Your corgi may prefer to be patted rather than being cuddled. Some do not even like being cuddled or patted.

Also, if your corgi does not like cuddles, it could be because it is unwell or it feels claustrophobic.

You can also get a trainer to help you determine why your corgi does not like to be cuddled. The trainer can work with your corgi to help it tolerate cuddling.

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How Affectionate Are Corgis?

Corgis are very loyal and affectionate to their owners, provided you take care of them. In fact, some corgis will get so attached to their owners that they will follow them everywhere they go.

Some dog breeds are reserved when it comes to showing affection for their owners. But if you own a corgi, then be ready for a lot of attention from your pet.

Do Corgis Hate Being Picked Up?

Corgis do not hate being picked up. The small frame of these dogs makes picking them up easier. Although when you pick up a corgi, you need to know how to do so safely.

When you lift your corgi, ensure you support its front leg with one hand while the other hand supports its hindquarters. Picking corgis up this way ensures their weight is evenly spread across their bodies.

If you have a corgi with a long back, pick it up in a way that prevents any injury to its joints, backs, and hips. This way, it will remain calm any time you pick it up.

With time, your corgi will get used to being picked up and will even get themselves ready to be picked up.

Your corgi will sometimes indicate when it wants to be picked up by nudging you or rolling on its back. Corgis will also let you know when they want to be put down by prodding you with their noses and fidgeting.

Do Corgis Stink?

Corgis can stink. Like every other dog breed, corgis have that typical doggy odor. However, thanks to their dirt-resistant coats and frequent shedding, they do not smell as bad as some other dog breeds.

However, in some instances, their furry coat could be an issue, especially after physical activity. When the fur of a corgi releases large amounts of certain fluids, the odor can be pretty offensive.

But apart from that, corgis may also smell for other reasons such as ear infections, dental infections, and poor hygiene.

corgi in the bushes

Do Corgis Get Attached to One Person?

Corgis do get attached to one person. The moment you bring your pup home, feed, or pet it for the first time, it will start becoming attached to you.

The more time you spend with your corgi, the more the two of you bond. Once there is a strong connection between the two of you, it will be almost impossible to break. Your corgi getting attached to you shows just how affectionate these dogs are.

The relationship between a dog and its owner is symbiotic. You care for the dog, feed it and house it, and in return, it guards you and remains loyal.

Final Take

Corgis are very affectionate dogs, and many of them enjoy cuddling with their owners. Those that do not enjoy snuggles can be trained to love them. And even if you decide not to teach your corgi to tolerate cuddles, it will seek affection from you in other ways.