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Can a Corgi Live in an Apartment?

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If you are familiar with corgis at all, you know that they are adorable little dogs with short legs and big ears. Their compact size may lead you to assume that corgis can easily live in an apartment setting, but there is a little more to it than that.

A corgi can live in an apartment if the right precautions are taken to prevent boredom and acting out. With the right measures in place, corgis can live long, happy lives in apartments thanks to their adaptable nature.

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Corgis should never be made to live in an apartment without careful preparation.

Corgis are lovable dogs that are popular with dog owners all across the country. The more information that current or potential corgi owners know about the breed, the better equipped they will be to successfully raise a corgi in an apartment.

Do Corgis Enjoy Living in an Apartment?

Corgis enjoy living in an apartments as long as their owners take in account their energetic nature and prepare accordingly. Corgis are naturally active which means they truly desire and require regular physical activity.

Corgis that live in apartments need almost daily exercise of some kind to help release their built-up energy.

Outdoor or indoor play and regular walks will help to curb their energy levels and keep them calm in apartments when their owners are busy or gone.

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Can a Corgi Stay in a Crate?

A corgi can stay in a crate for limited amounts of time while their owners are gone or busy as long as the crate is large and safe. Crates should be large enough for corgis to stand comfortably and lay down straight with ease.

Crates should have some kind of bedding to keep corgis comfortable and avoid injury.

Corgis are often known to be chewers, so indestructible bedding or blankets are valid options.

How Long Can Corgis Stay in Crates in an Apartment?

Adult corgis should never be left in a crate for more than about 8 hours at a time. Corgi puppies should not be crated for more than 4 hours at time because they are physically unable to hold their pee for longer than that.

If a corgi needs to be crated for long periods of time, consider asking a family member or friend to come over and let the dog out to use the bathroom.

Dog walkers can also do this as well as provide daily exercise for corgis living in apartments.

How Energetic Are Corgis?

While dogs within any breed can have varying personalities, most corgis are considered very energetic, at least during some parts of the day.

Corgis may have short statures, but that does not limit their ability to run and play.

Corgis are classified as herding dogs which means that they were originally bred to herd larger animals like cattle, goats, and sheep.

They are able to run rather quickly despite their short legs and chase other animals, so they have a lot of natural energy that needs to be expended. 

This does not mean that their high energy level is too much for an apartment setting. It does mean, however, that their owners must provide some kind of regular physical exercise to not only release this energy but essentially keep them happy overall.

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Can Corgis Be Left Alone in an Apartment?

Corgis can be left alone in an apartment, however, most of them should not be left free to roam the apartment.

Many corgis enjoy chewing toys, shoes, couch cushions, and other household items that are not intended for chewing.

It is important for corgi owners that live in apartments take a corgi’s penchant for chewing into account at all times. Crates, indoor dog pens, and dog gates are all great at keeping apartment corgis contained while their owners are gone.

Will Corgis Shed in an Apartment?

Corgis will shed inside of an apartment because they have double coats of fur. This means that corgis have an additional undercoat of fur that sheds some daily and even more during the spring and fall.

Corgis that live inside of apartments will likely shed more often than those that live outdoors because the indoor temperature is regulated.

Regular baths and brushing can help keep shedding indoors to a minimum.

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Do Corgis Bark Inside Apartments?

Corgis will often bark in apartments because they are protective and use barking to alert their owners of perceived trouble. It is imperative to try to curb barking when possible, to prevent causing issues with neighbors.

Leaving music playing or the television on can help dampen outdoor sounds that may causing barking episodes.

Keeping windows covered and front doors closed can prevent them from barking at birds, squirrels, or passersby.

9 Tips for Corgis Living in an Apartment

1. Provide Daily Exercise

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Regular exercise is essential for the health and happiness of corgis, especially those living inside apartments.

It may seem repetitive at this point, but corgis need to have some type of exercise each day to help curb their energy levels and prevent them from taking it out on your shoes or furniture.

2. Take Corgis Outside to Use the Bathroom Often

While it may be a given, corgis that live in an apartment need to be taken outside to go to the bathroom multiple times a day.

Pee pads and portable fake grass potties are viable options, however, that will require considerable cleanup by owners. 

3. Offer Mental Stimulation

Corgis not only need daily exercise, they also need daily mental stimulation.

Toys and chewing treats are great ways to keep your dog mentally stimulated, however, corgis should always be monitored when playing with toys or chewing treats.

4. Find Your Corgi a Buddy

Corgis are playful dogs and often enjoy spending time with other dogs.

This could mean getting another dog to live in the apartment as well or finding a doggy friend to play with in a yard or dog park.

5. Take Your Corgi to a Trainer

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Some corgis that are more rambunctious may do well with a professional trainer.

Adequate training can help both corgi owners and corgis live together more harmoniously in an apartment.

6. Safeguard the Apartment

Keeping the apartment as decluttered as possible and free of loose shoes and other potential chewable items will help prevent unforeseen incidents.

If a corgi cannot get to the item, it will be unable to destroy it.

7. Consider Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare is an option in some areas and should be considered if you find that your corgi is not adjusting well to the apartment.

Doggy daycares help provide daily exercise and canine interaction that help to calm most corgis down and seem to make them more content with apartment living.

8. Groom Them Often

corgi just finished taking a bath

The best way to limit the amount of dog hair that ends up inside the apartment is to groom your corgi as often as possible.

This includes bathing them often and brushing them almost daily.

9. Invest in a Crate, Pen, or Gate

Corgis do well in apartments but leaving them alone to roam freely can cause issues if they are chewers.

A safe dog crate, an indoor dog pen, or a well-placed dog gate can keep a corgi safe from its own vices while you are gone or unable to keep an eye on them. 

Final Thoughts

Corgis can live in apartments and make excellent apartment dogs if their owners do their due diligence.

Regular exercise, consistent engagement, professional training, regular baths, and brushing can all help make apartment living more enjoyable for both corgis and their owners.


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