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Will Corgis Shed?

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Corgis are undeniably popular dogs in the United States thanks to their affectionate nature, adorable appearance, and protective nature.

Most dog lovers agree that corgis make excellent pets, however, their gorgeous fur coats can pose a potential problem for some.

Corgis will shed because of their thick double coats of fur that naturally shed on a daily basis and even more during specific times of the year. They have both a thick, coarse outercoat of fur and a lighter undercoat of fur, causing significant shedding that can be managed with the right care.

welsh corgi on snow

Most shedding in dogs is due to natural causes that cannot be avoided. There are several things that corgi owners can do to lessen the amount of loose dog hair that ends up in their home or vehicle.

The more you understand a corgi’s exceptional coat of fur, the better prepared you will be to prevent dog hair from overtaking your house. 

What Kind of Coat Do Corgis Have?

Corgis have a double coat of hair that provides both warmth in the winter and cools them off during hot summer months. 

A double coat means that the dog has two uniquely different layers of fur within their coat, an outercoat and an undercoat.

The outercoat is long and coarse, allowing it to provide protection and a level of shade from the sun. It also protect dogs from bug bites and even predator attacks.

The undercoat is thick and soft, creating an insulating effect that keeps the dog warm despite cold temperatures. It also keeps dogs cool during hot weather.

corgi on snow

Do Corgis Shed A Lot?

Corgis do shed a lot, especially when compared to other dog breeds. Corgis shed some hair everyday and will shed significant amounts usually around springtime and the beginning of fall.

Dogs with a single coats of fur do not shed nearly as much as corgis and other dogs that are also double-coated. Single-coated dogs do not have the dense undercoat of fur, therefore they do not have nearly as much fur to shed throughout the year.

Dogs with a single coat of hair often still shed, however, it is sometimes so minimal and gradual that it can go unnoticed.

Why Do Corgis Shed So Much?

Corgis shed more than some other dog breeds because of their thick undercoats of fur.

Their bodies naturally shed fur from their undercoat throughout the year and even more during certain times of the year. 

Corgis need their denser undercoats of fur to keep them warmer during the winter.

When the seasons change drastically, corgis will naturally begin to shed larger amounts of fur, especially from their undercoat area.

fluffy corgi on snow

When Do Corgis Shed the Most?

Corgis shed the most when the seasons change because their bodies recognize the change in temperature and adjust accordingly.

This means that corgis will shed more often during the spring and again when fall comes around.

It is important to note that corgis that live indoors may shed significant amounts of hair more than just twice a year.

Since there are less changes in indoor temperatures, corgis that reside indoors may go through more frequent shedding cycles.

5 Best Corgi Coat Grooming Tools

Bristle Dog Brush

Bristle dog brushes are light on a corgi’s fur and serve great as a daily brush for their coat. 

Shedding Comb

This is a comb designed to pull out loose fur in a dog’s coat. The teeth are extreme close together to allow for maximum hair removal.

Dog Grooming Rake

Dog grooming rakes have teeth that are set further apart and longer than those on a comb so that it can reach their undercoat. Use light pressure to avoid irritating the dog’s skin.

Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes have short, thin wire bristles that are designed to remove loose hair and comb out matted fur.

De-shedding Glove

De-shedding gloves are designed with a plastic or silicone-like material with small rubbery bristles all over the palms. This allows corgi owners to run their hands over their dog’s coat and loosen as well as remove hair.

It is best to use it before other grooming tools like a dog rake or bristle brush.

corgi finished bathing

Corgi Coat Care Tips

There are many ways to care for a corgi’s coat and keep some of the hair out of your living area.

Here are a few ways to reduce the amount of fur your corgi looses inside:

  • Give Your Corgi Weekly Baths. Bathing a corgi at least once a week will help loosen and remove large portions of hair.
  • Brush Often With a Comb and a Slicker Brush. Brushing once a day or as often as possible will remove a significant portion of hair from your corgi’s coat before it sheds it on your couch. 
  • Loosen Corgi Hair With De-shedding Glove. Run the glove over your corgis coat in a circular pattern allowing the hair to loosen before you brush it out.
  • Brush Corgis Against the Natural Growth of Their Hair. Each time you start to brush your corgi, brush back against the way the hair naturally lays instead of with the hair. Afterwards, you can brush along with the grain of the hair growth.
  • Use an Advanced Shedding Tool During the Spring and Early Fall. During severe shedding times, you will need to use a more heavy duty shedding tool on your corgi. Grooming rakes help pull out more hair from a dog’s undercoat than regular dog brushes do.

Can You Shave a Corgi’s Coat?

A corgi’s coat should never be shaved, apart from medical purposes. Their coats provide valuable protection from natural elements and shaving them off could cause real damage.

Shaving a double-coated dog like a corgi leaves the dog susceptible to overheating, sunburns, and bug bites.

It can also cause irreparable damage to their natural hair growth including unsightly patches of non-growth.

Should You Have A Corgi’s Coat Trimmed?

It is okay to have a corgi’s coat slightly trimmed, if needed. Be very specific with the groomer and make sure your corgi’s coat is not shaved at all.

Limited trimming of the hair on their feet is acceptable and will not cause any damage to their hair growth.

two huskies

7 Other Dog Breeds That Shed Like Corgis

Corgi’s are not the only dogs with double-coats of fur. Here are some common dog breeds that shed like corgis do because they also are double-coated.

  1. Siberian Huskies
  2. Border Collies
  3. Australian Shepherds
  4. Newfoundland
  5. Chow Chow
  6. Alaskan Malamute
  7. Great Pyrenees

Final Thoughts

Corgis are double-coated dogs which means they are natural shedders. Corgis will shed a noticeable amount of hair each day, especially during their natural shedding time.

Luckily, corgi owners can invest in dog brushes, grooming rakes, and shampoo to decrease the amount of hair corgis leave around their home.

With regular care, most of a corgi’s loose hair can be gently removed before it takes up residence in the house.


Exploring the double-coats of corgis and their penchant for shedding is a revealing and educational experience. Here are the sources used to write this article.